New York woman facing felony DWI charges

One New York woman is facing felony drunk driving charges after she was arrested in Potsdam on April 13. The 27-year-old woman was traveling in a westward direction on Elm Street at approximately 10:30 p.m. Police claim that her car had inadequate exhaust control and pulled her over, performing a traffic stop.

Once the car was stopped, local police claimed that the smelled the scent of alcohol. The woman reportedly refused to participate in a Breathalyzer test on the side of the road and failed sobriety tests to determine whether she was driving drunk.

When she was arrested, a check of motor vehicle records showed that the woman is subject to a current court order mandating that any vehicle she drives must have an ignition interlock device in place. This kind of device requires a user to blow into the machine before starting the car, checking for alcohol on the breath. However, the car she was driving did not contain the required device. In addition, her driver’s license in Florida was suspended, and she did not have a New York State driver’s license.

The woman was charged with two felonies, driving while intoxicated and aggravated unlicensed operation in the first degree. In addition, she was also accused of operating a vehicle outside an ignition interlock restriction, a misdemeanor. She was given citations for inadequate exhaust, refusal to take a breath test and consumption of alcohol inside a motor vehicle. She was charged with felonies due to her prior 2016 conviction on drunk driving charges.

People who are facing DWI charges in New York could face severe penalties, including loss or suspension of their driver’s license, jail or prison time, costly fines and a criminal record. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help people to mount a defense to drunk driving charges or negotiate with the prosecution to achieve the best possible outcome.

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