Is it possible to regain driving privileges in New York after multiple DWIs?

In this blog, we frequently discuss the harsh penalties that drivers who are convicted of drunk driving charges in New York State face. These penalties may include costly fines, the suspension or revocation of one’s driver’s license and jail time. For individuals who are convicted of multiple DWIs, especially those including BAC levels of .18 or higher, the penalties can prove to be both financially and personally restrictive for years to come.

In addition to thousands of dollars in fines, time spent behind bars and the revocation of one’s driver’s license; an individual with “three or four alcohol/drugged-driving related convictions or incidents within a 25 year period” must participate in New York State’s Impaired Driver Program.

Participation in New York’s IDP is intended for those individuals who, after serving out the terms of their sentences, wish to regain driving privileges. Depending upon what types of other driving offenses are on a driver’s record, he or she may not be able to regain driving privileges or may be required to wait between two to five years before applying for relicensure with problem driver restrictions.

Individuals who are relicensed with problem driver restrictions are restricted as to when and where they are allowed to legally driver. For example, an individual with problem driver restrictions is only allowed to drive to work, medical appointments, the DMV, a child’s school or day care and to attend college classes during the specific times associated with these events. In addition to the problem driving restrictions, some drivers may also be required to install an ignition interlock device and to abide by the specific terms of use related thereto.

Depending on the specific violations associated with a driver’s problem driver restriction status, such restrictions will be in effect for between two to five years. There is no way to petition for an early removal of the driving restrictions or of an ignition interlock device which must remain installed in a vehicle for five years.

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