Fighting a traffic ticket

Traffic tickets can be costly. Not only do you have a fine to pay, but you will also accumulate points on your license with each ticket. If you accumulate enough points, you can lose your license.

However, you do have options. When you receive a ticket, you can contest it. This can save you money and help you avoid adding points to your license.

How do you contest a ticket?

When you receive a New York traffic violation, the ticket itself will have instructions on how to contest it. In the bottom left corner of the ticket, there should be a date listed as well as the address of the local court. That date is the deadline for contesting your ticket.

If you wish to contest the ticket, you should follow the instructions on the right side of the ticket to plead not guilty. Additionally, you should make two copies of the ticket, one for your records and one for your attorney, if you choose to retain one. Finally, be sure to mail in your ticket in time to make the deadline.

An attorney can make the process easy for you

Contesting a ticket requires you to appear in court. However, if you hire an attorney, that attorney can appear on your behalf before the judge. This can help you avoid having to take time off work to appear, and a lawyer may be able to negotiate a deal for you.

Every case is different. An attorney can help you understand whether it may be possible to seek a lesser charge, have the ticket dismissed or if there are other options available.

How do you choose an attorney to help you fight your traffic violation or ticket?

When looking for an attorney to help you, you may want to consider:

  • Experience: Does the attorney have experience handling traffic tickets? Is it a large part of their practice? An attorney with experience in this area will be able to give you straightforward answers and clearly explain what you can expect when fighting a ticket.
  • Local practice: Does the attorney practice in the area where you received the ticket? Throughout the Hudson Valley, each court is unique. A local attorney will know the differences between the courts and can use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Cost: Does the attorney charge a reasonable fee for handling your traffic ticket? You do not want to pay a small fortune to resolve a small issue. You may be able to find an attorney who charges a flat fee for these types of cases. While many attorneys do not advertise their fees, you can contact them to ask about their fee structure.

Attorney Glenn R. Bruno has more than 20 years of experience helping clients resolve traffic violations throughout the Hudson Valley.

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