Did you get a ticket while driving through Columbia County on I-90 or the Taconic State Parkway? Are you worried about losing your license if you get another ticket?

A succession of traffic tickets can lead to the loss of your license. With each ticket, more VTL points will accumulate. An experienced attorney can help you challenge a traffic ticket and protect your driving privileges.

Whether you received your ticket on a highway or in town, I can help you protect your driving record. I am Glenn R. Bruno. With more than 20 years of experience handling traffic and speeding violations in Columbia County, I understand the local courts and procedures. Use my knowledge to your benefit.

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Experienced and Knowledgeable Traffic Court Attorney

You should not try to handle your traffic tickets on your own, and you should not enter a guilty plea without speaking with me first.

As your lawyer, I will listen to your story, examine the facts in your case and develop a strategy to protect your license. Often, I am able to appear on my clients’ behalf by affidavit. This means that you may not have to appear in court yourself. I can handle that for you and keep you informed of the outcome.

From my office in Poughkeepsie, I help clients in town courts throughout Columbia County, including:

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