Dec 26 2013
New York mayor charged with DWI, critics call for resignation

A mayor in New York was recently arrested, charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI). A local CBS affiliate reported the mayor of Monticello, Gordon Jenkins, was arrested after he appeared intoxicated at the scene of a crime. The mayor was heading home after attending a social gathering. When confronted by police, the mayor refused a Breathalyzer test. One of the…

Dec 17 2013
Can New York drivers refuse breathalyzers if arrested for DWI?

Many motorists in the Empire State may be surprised to discover that New York law expressly dictates that all drivers operating motor vehicles in the state are already “deemed to have given consent” to chemical testing if arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence of drugs. Essentially, this means that police can test a driver’s breath,…

Dec 13 2013
Out-of-state drivers need to be particularly wary of New York DWIs

This holiday season countless motorists will hit the roads as they travel the nation’s highways to celebrate with family and friends. In particular, drivers in the Northeast will likely traverse several states as they journey to important holiday gatherings. However, as holiday revelers cross state borders, it is crucial for them to remember that driving while intoxicated (DWI) convictions can…

Aug 29 2013
New York authorities are actively pursuing drunk motorists

Every day authorities are on the street, patrolling for those that have gotten behind the wheel after a couple of drinks. New York police will stop at nothing to track down potential drunk driving suspects. For example, one man was charged with driving while intoxicated recently. This particular individual was at a Lockport 7-Eleven store, when authorities began an investigation….

Aug 02 2013
Ice cream truck driver loses job after DWI arrest

A DWI conviction comes with serious consequences and may even effect an individual’s employment. In one example, CBS News reports that an upstate New York ice cream truck driver recently lost his job after being arrested for DWI. Police report that the man was arrested after allegedly driving his ice cream truck into oncoming traffic. A sheriff’s deputy followed the…