The real cost of losing your driver’s license due to a DUI

For a lot of people, facing the criminal charges filed against them by prosecutors is the most difficult part of a DUI. But as those who have had their driver’s license suspended or even revoked will tell you, this isn’t the most difficult situation you could face because of a DUI offense.

Though you may not think about it much, your driver’s license is incredibly important because it allows you to operate a vehicle legally here in New York and across the nation. Losing the privilege to drive is typically seen by most as the loss of freedom. But for those who require their vehicle to maintain employment, the cost of losing their driving privileges can be a steep one.

Losing employment because of a suspended or revoked driver’s license is a possibility here in New York, which can create considerable problems for those who need transportation to get to and from work. Even here in Poughkeepsie, where we have public transportation, those who have had their license suspended or revoked may find it difficult or even impossible to make it to work regularly, forcing employers to terminate these employees.

As you can imagine, losing your job because of a license suspended or revocation can be incredibly damaging financially because you no longer have a source of income. This can not only affect your ability to pay your bills and other living expenses, it may also inhibit your ability to pay back court fees or fines associated with the DUI charge that led to your license suspension or revocation.

On top of that, here in New York, your inability to pay back a fine imposed by a criminal sentence can actually land you in more trouble with the law. Under N.Y. CPL. LAW § 420.10 of the New York Code, a person may be imprisoned for failing to pay back court ordered fines. In some cases, this actually creates a cycle of debt and imprisonment many find difficult or even impossible to escape.

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