Radar gun evidence can be challenged

People in New York may wonder whether it is possible to challenge allegations of speeding after being detected by a radar gun and receiving a speeding ticket. While it can be difficult to challenge the evidence provided by a radar gun to detect speeding, all devices used for measurement have flaws and weaknesses that can be addressed.

Two main technologies are frequently used in radar guns: radio waves or LIDAR, which is short for Light Detection and Ranging. Traditional radar guns direct radio signals to a vehicle and calculate its speed based on the changes to the signal when it returns to the gun after bouncing off the car. LIDAR operates similarly, but rather than relying on radio waves, it uses lasers.

In either case, radar guns are sensitive instruments that should be regularly maintained and calibrated. State law typically requires a specific frequency for testing and calibration of each radar gun used by law enforcement. The most frequently used mechanism to challenge radar gun evidence is to call into question the calibration and maintenance record of the equipment.

In some cases, people accused of speeding may argue that the gun was not calibrated correctly or that the time limit for required calibration was passed. Most states require that police officers who use radar guns to detect speeding undergo a certain amount of training. Therefore, if the officer involved had not undergone the required training, this can be another mechanism to attack the readings from the radar gun.

People who are accused of speeding may have a strong incentive to challenge the allegation. Whether they are seeking to keep a clean driving record or are concerned about a driver’s license suspension or revocation due to other traffic violations in their history, a traffic defense lawyer can help. An attorney can make use of his or her extensive knowledge of traffic law to provide a strong defense or seek a reduction or dismissal of the ticket.

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