How would your life be impacted if your driver’s license was revoked?

In this blog, we often discuss the many and significant penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction. While costly fines and jail time are often difficult realities for many to bear, losing the ability to legally operate a motor vehicle is often considered the most punitive of all DWI-related penalties.

Depending on the type of drunk-driving violation allegedly committed, an individual is subject to a mandatory revocation or suspension of his or her driver’s license for at least 90 days. In some cases, an individual’s driver’s license may be revoked for years. Individuals impacted by a driver’s license suspension or revocation often struggle to find and remain gainfully employed. Additionally, they frequently face major logistical challenges in their daily lives when attempting to do everything from purchasing groceries to visiting the doctor.

In some cases, an individual whose driver’s license has been revoked or suspended may be able to obtain what’s known as a conditional license. There are, however, many rules and restrictions related to where and when an individual can drive. For example, an individual with a conditional driver’s license is allowed to drive to and from work, college classes, court-ordered programs, a child’s daycare or school and doctor appointments. Additionally, an individual is allowed three consecutive hours per week during which they are allowed to drive.

In the event an individual violates the orders associated with a conditional license, it, along with an individual’s limited driving privileges, may be revoked. Actions that warrant the immediate revocation of a conditional driver’s license include any driving violations, driving at times or to places outside of the conditional license terms and any alcohol or drug convictions.

Most Poughkeepsie residents rely heavily on their motor vehicles to get around. For those who lose their driving privileges due to a drunk driving conviction, the hardships are often significant. This is just one reason why it’s important to contact an attorney and fight drunk driving charges.

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