Fallout of a felony DWI charge calls for solid legal shelter

Even if you have never had a run-in with the law in New York you are probably aware that the onus is on the state to prove any allegations of a crime that it brings. That is, the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is true whether the accusation is for something as minor as jaywalking or as serious as a felony charge.

A conviction of a lesser infraction can result in some significant fines and perhaps a certain amount of embarrassment. But if you are found guilty of a more serious crime, fines may be the least of the penalties to worry about. Consider that time in prison is typically called for, that you will likely be under the shadow of parole for some time after your release and that your future could be jeopardized by a criminal record, and you see the importance of mounting a robust criminal defense. 

This may be particularly important for anyone facing charges of drunk driving. A first-time conviction alone carries penalties that can be life-altering. If you are arrested again within 10 years of that conviction, you could now be facing charges of felony driving while impaired, whether for alcohol or drugs. Jail time is mandatory in the event of conviction and there are additional punishments that could be meted out.  

Remember, the presumption at the start of the process is one of innocence for the defendant. The prosecution’s job is to weigh the evidence it has and make a determination as to what level of charge it thinks it can successfully press before the court.

To be sure you are protecting your rights and your liberty to the greatest extent possible, you want an advocate who understands all the possible options and is prepared to litigate or negotiate terms, if that is what you decide, to minimize the effects of a conviction.

This firm has the skill and experience for that and is prepared to employ it on your behalf. The initial consultation about your case is free.  

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