Drunk driving charges for man spotted in police parking lot

A New York man was arrested and charged with drunk driving in the parking lot of a police academy in Albany. The incident happened on May 17 in the parking lot of the New York State Police Academy.

According to police reports, an off-duty state trooper saw a man that the trooper thought looked suspicious in the parking lot, prompting him to make a report. Troopers that responded alleged that they saw the man get out of his car and lie down on the grass behind the building.

After conducting field sobriety testing with the man, the troopers then took him to the station in downtown Albany and gave him a breathalyzer test. The man reportedly had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.28 percent, which is more than three times the state’s limit of 0.08 percent.

Many people face drunk driving charges each year. Even though they are common types of cases, convictions for drunk driving may bring severe consequences. People who are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may lose their licenses, be imprisoned, be forced to take alcohol classes and be ordered to pay substantial fines. Defendants may want to consult with criminal defense attorneys who are experienced with drunk driving cases. Attorneys may be able to secure more favorable pleas than their clients might be able to get on their own. Sometimes, attorneys may be able to win the dismissal of the charges against their clients by filing and arguing evidentiary motions to suppress the evidence.If their clients want to plead not guilty and take their cases to trial, their attorneys may fight for them to protect their rights.

Source: New York Post, “Man charged with driving drunk in police academy parking lot“, May 18, 2017