Can a revoked license be reinstated in New York?

For a number of people in New York, getting one DUI is enough to “teach them a lesson” as the criminal justice system likes to say, meaning a person is unlikely to commit the offense of drinking and driving again in the future.  But try as some people might, sometimes a second or third DUI is unavoidable, which can lead to felony charges as well as a loss of driving privileges.

Because multiple DUIs can lead to a revocation of a driver’s license, which can affect a person’s ability to maintain their employment, many people who have incurred a number of DUIs on their record typically have a number of questions on their mind, including the one we are posing and will answer in today’s blog post.

Can a revoked license be reinstated in New York?

To answer the question simply: yes, a driver’s license can be reinstated even if it has been revoked.  It’s important to note though that there are certain requirements that must be met in order for this to occur. 

The first requirement is that the revocation period on your license must come to an end before you are able to request approval for a new license.  Requests must be filed first with the DMV Driver Improvement Unit.  After receiving approval, you may then apply for a new driver’s license from the DMV, though you may be asked to take any part of the driving exam again, including the driving test.

Aside from the lapse in the revocation period, you will also want to make sure that you have met any other requirements including resolving any suspensions on your license or providing proof that you completed rehabilitation for and alcohol or drug addiction.  This last piece is especially true for people who have been convicted of two or more drug/alcohol-related driving offenses within the last 25 years. 

Although you may choose to seek this information on your own, you may also do so with the help of a lawyer.  Legal representation is often found to be beneficial in situations such as this because a lawyer’s knowledge of the law can help a person understand their rights and gain back the privileges they want to regain oftentimes with less frustrations.

Source:  The New York State DMV, “Restore license after revocation,” Accessed Dec. 5, 2014

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