Besides DUI, what can lead to a license suspension?

There is an old saying that states: you don’t truly appreciate something until it’s gone. When applied to your driver’s license, this statement couldn’t be truer. Most people who have been driving for years typically don’t think about their driving privileges on a day to day basis. But when those rights are taken away by a license suspension or revocation, most people quickly realize how important it was, especially when it came to maintaining employment.

As frequent readers of our blog know, your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked after receiving multiple DUI convictions here in New York. Although most people regard this as the most common way a person can lose their driving privileges, it’s not the only way, which leads us into this week’s question: besides DUI, what can lead to a license suspension?

One thing that can lead to a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license here in New York is failing to respond to multiple traffic violations such as speeding or parking tickets. It’s important to point out now that although both a suspension and revocation take away your driving privileges, they do work differently. Although a suspension terminates your right to drive, a person gets to keep their license. With a revocation, privileges are revoked as well as your license.

As one NPR article points out, laws such as this are most detrimental to people who rely heavily on their license to get them to and from work so as to maintain financial security. Without their license, they may be unable to get to work anymore, resulting in unemployment and a worse off financial situation. Furthermore, they may not be able to pay back the money owed on the traffic tickets or afford the license reapplication fee (in the event of revocation), which only makes their situation that much more challenging.

If you have questions about a license suspension or revocation, you may want to seek the help of a skilled attorney. With their help you can make sure that you understand the laws that apply to you and whether they allow you to get your license back and when.

Source: New York State DMV, “Suspensions and revocations,” Accessed Jan. 14, 2015

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