DWI/DUI for Professionals: Is Your Job at Risk?

A drunk driving conviction can have a serious impact on your professional life. You could be denied a promotion, lose your professional license or even lose your job if you are convicted of an alcohol-related offense. If you have been arrested for DWAI, DWI or aggravated DWI, and you have professional license of any sort, it is important to seek advice and representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At the law office of Glenn R. Bruno, Esq., in Poughkeepsie, New York, I represent licensed professionals who are facing drunk driving charges. I will attempt to clearly explain your options and their affect on your professional license. Where someone's livelihood is on the line, I do the best I can to try and preserve that means of livelihood.

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Serving Licensed Professionals in the Hudson Valley Facing License Suspensions

A conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI) can lead to two sets of consequences. On one hand, you face criminal DWI charges and penalties. On the other, a DWI conviction can have an adverse impact upon a professional license or certificate issued by New York state. This could include professions such as:

  • Teachers
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Lawyers
  • Commercial vehicle drivers
  • Train workers
  • Pharmacists

If you are charged with DWAI or DWI, you have two options: go to trial or negotiate a plea. I can represent you at trial or I can help you negotiate a plea that would reduce the catastrophic effect on your professional license or certificate.

Drunk Driving Defense Representation for Commercial Driver's Licenses

If you are charged with DWAI or DWI and there is a certified breath test result at arraignment, your commercial driver's license (CDL) will be suspended. If you are convicted and you are a first-time offender, then your CDL will be revoked for one year.

The only way to reinstate your CDL is to go to trial and win your case because your CDL will be revoked on any plea. Additionally, hardship privilege and conditional licenses are not available for CDLs, though you may still be able to secure these licenses for your regular driver's license.

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