Serious Penalties for Repeat DWI Offenders

With each DWI, DWAI or aggravated DWI conviction, the penalties increase. You face increased jail time, larger fines and longer periods of license suspension or revocation. If you have been charged with an alcohol-related offense and have a previous conviction, you need a skilled defense attorney by your side.

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Multiple Alcohol-Related Offenses

With each conviction for drunk driving, the penalties increase. If you were previously convicted of DWI and receive a second charge for DWI within a 10-year period, your new charge will generally be elevated to a felony. In rare circumstances, the second offense might be treated as a misdemeanor. A felony conviction means the potential for a state prison sentence. With a felony criminal record, you could also lose some of your civil rights.

Even if your previous convictions were DWAI traffic infractions, the district attorney will likely pursue greater penalties against you. For more information about the penalties you face, visit my page on penalties associated with DWI, DUI, DWAI and aggravated DWAI.

Multiple DUI Offenses, Consequences and License Revocation

When you are convicted of a DWAI or DWI, the court will impose a period of suspension or revocation for your driver's license. However, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can impose additional license suspension or revocation time, depending on the number of your previous convictions.

If you are sentenced to probation, the conditions are more onerous. The defendant is generally not permitted to apply for a driver's license for a period of time that is determined by the probation officer and the court. This can lead to longer revocation periods.

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