Get Representation After You Refuse a Breathalyzer in New York

Any type of drunk driving charge is serious and carries serious potential penalties. The consequences are even greater if you refuse to submit to a Breathalyzer test after you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. That is why it is important to have experienced legal counsel in your corner.

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Potential Penalties When You Refuse a Breath Test

New York has an implied consent law in place when it comes to using the state's roadways. Essentially, this means that just by driving on the road in the state of New York, you have already consented to taking a breath test if you are arrested for suspicion of DWI. Under this law, if you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test you will suffer almost immediate consequences, including the loss of your driver's license. You may also face hundreds of dollars in fines after the conclusion of the criminal case. If you are facing an aggravated DWI or a felony DWI charge, these penalties increase significantly.

DWI Refusal Hearings

If you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test, a DWI refusal hearing will be held. This is an administrative hearing that determines whether or not your driver's license will be revoked by the DMV for one year. This is in addition to the criminal hearing and trial that come along with a DWI charge.

Although the implied consent law appears inflexible, there may be a number of possible defenses to raise during the refusal hearing. For example, if the police did not have probable cause to make an arrest or made another type of procedural error, it may be possible to avoid a finding of refusal. I will thoroughly review the evidence and help you explore your options.

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