Charges for Having a Gun in a Car

Much like the situation that exists with drugs in a car, if illegal weapons are found in a car, everyone in that area is presumed to possess the gun. If you are facing gun charges due to a gun being found in a car, you need quality representation from an experienced gun crimes defense attorney.

In New York's Hudson Valley, you can count on the law office of Glenn R. Bruno, Esq. I have more than 20 years of experience standing up for the rights of people charged with a wide variety of guns and weapons violations. When you come to me to talk about the criminal charges you face, I will attempt to clearly explain all of your options as well as the possible consequences.

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If You Were There, You Could Be Charged

It doesn't matter if you owned the vehicle. All that matters is that you were there. When a gun is found in a vehicle, everyone is presumed to possess the weapon. If you were there when the gun was found, you could be facing gun possession charges and the possibility of a state prison term.

If you've been charged:

  • First, I can make a motion on your behalf to attempt to suppress the evidence.
  • Second, I will attempt to defend you at trial.

In many cases, the only line of defense is a motion to suppress the evidence, but based on the factual circumstances of your case, other defenses may be available.

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