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Posts tagged "drunk driving charges"

New York boater indicted for DWI-related manslaughter, 2 killed

The driver of a boat involved in a fatal crash with a barge on the Hudson River now faces an 18-count indictment including two counts each of vehicular manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. The July 26 boating accident killed a bride-to-be and her future groom's best man, and injured 4 others including the boat driver and the groom-to-be.

Bus driver charged with DWI

A New York bus driver was taken into custody on charges of drunk driving and fleeing the scene of an accident on Oct. 26. Police allege that the 49-year-old bus driver, while driving his own vehicle, ran into another vehicle. After the accident, the two drivers got out of their vehicles to exchange insurance information. However, the bus driver allegedly drove away without exchanging information. Police say that the bus driver did not have auto insurance.

Car crash leads to DUI charges.

A New york woman is being charged with aggravated drunk driving after a car crash that left the woman trapped in her own car. The 35-year-old woman was injured but refused further medical attention after being evaluated at the scene of the accident. A police officer discovered the accident and alerted the local fire department to help assist the woman out of the car.

New York bus driver arrested for DWI sues police

A Long Island school bus driver who was falsely accused of DWI by the police has sued, claiming that their arrest delayed him getting medical treatment and caused harm to his reputation. The school bus driver, 48, from Deer Park, had four children on his bus when he drove it into a parked car in Farmingdale. While none of the children suffered any injury, paramedics on the scene said that the driver needed to be hospitalized. However, the police officer at the scene was certain that the driver was under the influence. Despite the driver passing three Breathalyzer tests, the driver was taken to the precinct on suspicion on driving while intoxicated.

NTSB recommends more stringent drunk driving standards

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued new blood alcohol content recommendations that, if adopted, could affect many New York state drivers. The lower standard limit is aimed at curbing the number of alcohol-related automobile deaths in the United States, estimated to be around 10,000 every year. In the words of the NTSB Chairman, drunk driving is a 'national epidemic."

Supreme Court rejects DUI blood tests without warrant

New York residents may be interested to hear that the Supreme Court ruled that DUI blood tests administered without a warrant may not be considered in court rulings. Furthermore, it decreed that police usually must attempt to obtain a search warrant from a judge before ordering blood tests for suspects of drunk driving. The verdict stemmed from the case of a Missouri man who was subjected to a blood test without a warrant. The man was arrested in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, on a charge of drunk driving after a state trooper stopped his car for swerving and speeding. The man had two previous drunk driving convictions and refused to submit to a blood alcohol test. He failed numerous field sobriety tests, and the arresting officer said that his words were slurred and that he was very unsteady on his feet. 

New York drug trafficker charged with DWI

A New York man who was on parole for a felony drug trafficking conviction crashed his vehicle into a utility pole. Police say the man was intoxicated. He was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie where he consented to a blood test and was charged with driving while intoxicated. The man is a convicted felon who was sentenced to eight years to life in state prison after he was found guilty of possessing more than three ounces of cocaine in 2003. The man had also served prison sentences in the United States and Mexico for drug trafficking convictions. He is now facing DWI charges at the Town of Pleasant Valley Justice Court. 

DWI allegedly caused highway accident and fatal injuries

Everyone on the road is a potential victim when someone chooses to operate a vehicle while intoxicated, including the drunk driver's passengers. In New York, DWI charges can lead to prison time, license suspension and other severe consequences, especially when the driver's actions result in fatalities. Adults under the age of 21 charged with DWI may have fewer options to combat a damaging criminal record and should focus on building a strong defense.

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