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Posts tagged "Drunk Driving Charges"

Implied consent laws and breath test refusals

When a New York resident is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, a police officer may request a breath sample. While many drivers do take the breath test, at least 20 percent refuse. Due to implied consent laws, these drivers risk losing their license and other potential penalties.

MADD praises Uber for helping prevent drunk driving

Some New York residents may recall that Mothers Against Drunk Drivers introduced the concept of a designated driver about three decades ago. Now, technology and new ways of thinking about transport means that there are other options available beyond having a driver along who is not drinking. Uber has positioned itself as a significant force in reducing drunk driving because it is such an easily available option.

Driver hits cop's house, begs him not to call police

A driver crashed into the home of a New York Police Department officer shortly before midnight on June 13. When the man's Volvo entered the backyard of the officer's Staten Island home, the crash destroyed the deck, crushed part of the pool and left a scattering of debris. The officer and his family were woken up by what they thought was an explosion.

Drunk driving license suspensions and revocations in New York

Motorists in New York charged with driving while intoxicated will generally face a lengthy driving ban. Even drivers well below the legal limit who are not charged with a crime may see their licenses suspended for 90 days if they are cited for driving while their ability is impaired by alcohol. New York is also an implied consent state, and the driving privileges of motorists who refuse to submit to a toxicology test can be revoked for a full year. Those with a commercial driver's license face an 18-month revocation for such a refusal.

DWI suspect accuses police of classism

One driver in New York had an unusual complaint when she was stopped on suspicion of drunk drinking on June 2. The 28-year-old woman told the police that she was targeted because she was rich. However, the authorities say the woman was under the influence of alcohol.

Queens man refuses breath test at DUI stop

The Hamptons are a popular playground for the wealthy of New York, and the coastal area allegedly proved intoxicating for one man of uncertain fortunes. The police in Sag Harbor stopped him for erratic driving. According to the police report, he would not allow a breath test to be administered.

Police increase patrols during Memorial Day weekend

On May 25, the governor of New York announced that the entire state will be increasing controls in order to combat impaired driving during Memorial Day weekend. The increased patrols are scheduled to run from May 27 to May 30. In 2014, 317 people were killed in the state of New York over Memorial Day weekend.

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