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How a viral DUI stop video can get you in trouble in New York

When America was first being formed, it was decided that the states should have the right to create their own laws. To this day, the same principle is true. Unfortunately though, this creates a problem for citizens today. That's because we are a very mobile society now, crossing from one state to another. When we visit these other states, we have to abide by their laws. But because not all laws are worded the same, you might find yourself trying to assert rights you might not have.

When does a DWI become a felony DWI?

If you're like a lot of our readers who have received a DWI in their lifetime, you probably don't want to incur another drunk-driving conviction. That's because you likely know that multiple DWI convictions can escalate penalties and can even lead to time in a state prison. Most people want to avoid this negative outcome, which oftentimes means learning as much as they can about the law so that they don't violate it down the road.

According to MADD, how effective is New York at curbing DUIs?

The law is pretty clear here in New York: drinking and driving is illegal and if you are convicted of this very serious crime, you will suffer the legal consequences which can range from fines to license suspensions to time in jail. But what about in other states? Are the risks of drinking and driving as severe? More to the point, how does New York stack up against other states in effectiveness of curbing DUIs?

DWI enforcement increases in New York through the holidays

In New York, there are certainly collateral consequences for driving while intoxicated or driving while ability impaired. Depending on the specifics, the consequences can range and include everything from expensive fines to a license suspension and jail time. These consequences can greatly impact a person's professional and personal life. 

Cake Boss pleads guilty to lesser charge after DWI arrest

The guessing game of figuring out whether you are okay to drive after having a drink or two can be very tricky. You subjectively feel below the legal limit, but the police may say otherwise. As a result, you could end up getting arrested for DWI even when you swear you were not obviously intoxicated.

This Labor Day holiday, it may take work to avoid DWI patrols

It might take some doing, but that shouldn't prevent us all from making the effort to avoid getting arrested for driving while impaired. That said, if you do find yourself facing DWI charges, the best thing to remember is that you have rights, including the right to an attorney.

Could police crackdown mean DWI fireworks this holiday?

America's War of Independence won this nation's freedom from the king of England. We celebrate the birth of our nation this weekend and police are promising to be out in force. Their goal will be to keep the roads free of suspected drunk drivers. That suggests that red, white and blue lights will be visible across the Hudson Valley and they won't all be from fireworks.

DWI isn't something to be proud of, despite what celebs might say

When Luke Skywalker blasts his first imperial TIE fighter to smithereens in "Star Wars," he cheers. To which Han Solo sarcastically remarks, "Great, kid. Don't get cocky." That may be advice that a lot of people might do well to take to heart.

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