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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

New York bus driver arrested for DWI sues police

A Long Island school bus driver who was falsely accused of DWI by the police has sued, claiming that their arrest delayed him getting medical treatment and caused harm to his reputation. The school bus driver, 48, from Deer Park, had four children on his bus when he drove it into a parked car in Farmingdale. While none of the children suffered any injury, paramedics on the scene said that the driver needed to be hospitalized. However, the police officer at the scene was certain that the driver was under the influence. Despite the driver passing three Breathalyzer tests, the driver was taken to the precinct on suspicion on driving while intoxicated.

Man charged with drunk driving after wrong-way crash in New York

A 32-year-old man was charged with drunk driving after he reportedly drove the wrong way on the Saw Mill River Parkway and ran into another car. The accident occurred around 5 p.m. on Route 119 in Elmsford on the parkway. Police were reportedly alerted to the scene when they received a 911 call from a driver who stated that a black BMW was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of the parkway just north of Ashford Avenue in Dobbs Ferry.

New York governor signs tough new DUI bill

Laws to combat drunk driving in New York became more strict after Governor Cuomo signed a bill on August 2 that strengthened Leandra's Law, which was passed in 2009. The 2009 law was named after a child who was killed in a car being driven by a drunk driver and made DUI a felony if children were present in the vehicle. The law also required interlock devices to be fitted to the cars of people convicted of DUI.

Unlike on television, police must yield to county lines

On television, police dramas never involve issues like jurisdictional limitations of one police department over another when pursuing a fleeing vehicle. Police in Amherst, New York, work in the real world of town and county lines at which their jurisdiction either ends or must give way to other police agencies. Such a situation occurred recently as police from Amherst realized that their pursuit of a woman suspected of driving while intoxicated was entering the jurisdiction of another police department.

Jason Kidd ordered to talk to students about drunk driving

In exchange for a light sentence, the New York Nets' new head coach, Jason Kidd, plead guilty to a drunk driving charge. The single car accident happened in 2012. After leaving a charity event in the Hamptons, Kidd crashed his SUV into a telephone pole. He admitted to the judge that he had consumed three or four drinks before he left the function.

New York grandmother arrested for DWI

A 42-year-old woman has been placed under arrest after police noticed her driving erratically along the Sunrise Highway. According to police, she was observed to be speeding and weaving randomly between lanes in the early morning hours of June 22. The woman was detained in nearby Patchogue and is said to have 28 prior driver's license suspensions.

New York Housing Authority executive charged with DWI

A Utica Housing Authority executive was recently ticketed by New Hartford authorities for allegedly performing an unsafe lane maneuver and driving while intoxicated following an altercation at a nearby bar. He was then reported to have failed a chemical test which registered his blood alcohol level at 0.09 percent, which is marginally above the legal limit of 0.08 percent. There were no additional charges filed in regards to the altercation preceding the incident.

New York woman faces DWI charges after driving the wrong way

A woman from Clinton Corners was arrested after she allegedly drove the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway. State police suspected that she was driving while intoxicated. The woman was charged with driving the wrong way on a one-way road, drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle and misdemeanor drunk driving.

NTSB recommends more stringent drunk driving standards

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued new blood alcohol content recommendations that, if adopted, could affect many New York state drivers. The lower standard limit is aimed at curbing the number of alcohol-related automobile deaths in the United States, estimated to be around 10,000 every year. In the words of the NTSB Chairman, drunk driving is a 'national epidemic."

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