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Felony DUI Archives

Repeat DWI offenders face tougher rules in New York

Stronger regulations against those facing DWI charges or those with DWI convictions are almost always popular, but can have huge impacts on the lives of those facing DWI charges. For that reason, those who have previously been convicted of drunk driving should be aware of a new rule that is now in effect in New York.

State police charge Dover golf cart driver with felony DWI

Many people are under the impression that they can only be charged with felony drunk driving if they are operating a larger automobile such as a truck or car. In actuality, driving even a golf cart while under the influence could result in a DWI charge. Recently, New York state police charged a Dover man with two felonies for allegedly driving a golf cart while intoxicated.

If a drunk driver hits a tree, does it still make a sound?

A 32-year-old While Plains man was arrested last weekend after speeding into a tree with his Volkswagen Beetle. It happened a little after 9 p.m. Friday in the Town of Pawling. The force of his vehicle completely uprooted the tree causing his car to flip into a resident's driveway where it hit another tree. The man was trapped upside down in his car but held in place by his seatbelt. He was unconscious and his airway was damaged. He was extricated from the wreck by New York State police, Dutchess County Sheriff deputies and Pawling firefighters.

Repeat offender: would you believe 27 DUIs?

With each conviction of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the penalties increase. You lose your license, you forfeit your car, you get probation and maybe even jail time if you don't learn your lesson after a few arrests. By that time, your choices boil down to trial or plea bargain, and mitigate the extent of your punishment as much as possible.

Former cop released from Dutchess Co. jail for DUI/manslaughter

A former Staten Island police officer was released from Dutchess County jail Friday after serving 10 years at Green Haven Correctional Facility. He was convicted of driving drunk and hitting three family members as they crossed a street in August 2001. The three people were killed, including a baby who was delivered after the accident by emergency Cesarean section. He was charged with four counts of second degree manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years, the maximum.

New York teen charged with felonies under Leandra's Law

When drivers are found guilty of driving while under the influence in New York, even for a first misdemeanor offense, they must pay for the installation and maintenance of an interlock device. The state's Ignition Interlock Program requires the driver to provide a breathe sample before the engine will start. The device often includes a camera to provide photographic evidence of who is giving the sample.

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