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Driver's License Suspension or Revocation Archives

Besides DUI, what can lead to a license suspension?

There is an old saying that states: you don't truly appreciate something until it's gone. When applied to your driver's license, this statement couldn't be truer. Most people who have been driving for years typically don't think about their driving privileges on a day to day basis. But when those rights are taken away by a license suspension or revocation, most people quickly realize how important it was, especially when it came to maintaining employment.

Can a revoked license be reinstated in New York?

For a number of people in New York, getting one DUI is enough to "teach them a lesson" as the criminal justice system likes to say, meaning a person is unlikely to commit the offense of drinking and driving again in the future.  But try as some people might, sometimes a second or third DUI is unavoidable, which can lead to felony charges as well as a loss of driving privileges.

DWI charge: Sometimes BAC test science deserves a challenge

During a roadside stop for suspected driving while intoxicated, New York police often rely on the results of portable breath testing equipment. There's a good reason why. They are simple and cost effective to use. And over time, courts have come to accept the evidence as reliable except where challenges have been made successfully.

What does New York's Zero Tolerance DWI law really mean?

There's a law related to operating a vehicle while impaired on the books in New York called the "Zero Tolerance" Law. The title is something of a misnomer, however, because its provisions don't really set the floor at zero. That can make for some confusion.

Study finds growing number of DWI arrests of women. Why?

Many readers would likely agree that gender equality in America has not been achieved on most fronts. However statistics from the FBI indicate that there is at least a measure of balance being realized when it comes to arrests for drunk driving.

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