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Man pleads guilty in vehicular homicide case

A New York real estate developer has pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and other charges related to a car accident in September 2015 that resulted in the death of one person. The driver had a blood alcohol level of .18 percent several hours after the accident. He allegedly left the scene of the accident and left his passenger on the side of the road near the place where the crash occurred.

The crash happened in front of the home of the 53-year-old male passenger. An investigation established that the 44-year-old driver of the 2013 Porsche hit a utility pole, removed the passenger's body from the car and then drove away from the scene. He was found in his car about a quarter of a mile away.

The 44-year-old man originally pleaded not guilty, and attempts were made by his defense attorney to dismiss charges and suppress blood test evidence. These motions were denied. The defendant was held without bail, with the judge in the case indicating that he believed the defendant to be a flight risk. An investigation uncovered evidence that the defendant had done internet searches on the subject of living as a fugitive. Sentencing is scheduled for October 18. The Suffolk County district attorney said he will recommend five to 15 years in prison.

Aggravated DWI in New York means driving with a blood alcohol level of .18 percent or higher. This type of a DWI charge carries stiffer penalties if a conviction is obtained. As a result, people who find themselves in this type of situation might want to obtain the representation of a criminal defense attorney when attempting to contest the allegations.

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