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Tips for avoiding a DWI this Spring Break

It should go without saying that you should avoid drinking and driving. However, it can be very easy for young adults to drive while intoxicated (DWI) without necessarily knowing that their blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal limit of 0.08. Alcohol metabolizes differently depending on certain circumstances such as whether or not you have eaten. As a result, you can feel sober and still have a BAC over the legal limit.

If you are under the age of 21, you can be charged with an underage DWI if your BAC registers that there is any alcohol in your body at all. Therefore, if you are underage and are going to make the decision to drink, do not drive at all. Period. However, if you are over the age of 21 and are worried about getting a DWI unintentionally this spring break, here are a few tips that can help you on your way.

Wait until you are as sure as you can be that you are sober before attempting to drive. If you have had a few drinks, you will need to sober up for a few hours before you can drive legally. Once you have waited a sufficient amount of time and are feeling quite sober, make sure that there are no open bottles of alcohol in the car you are driving. Law enforcement can use open bottles as a red flag and may test your BAC as a result.

In addition, avoid driving in erratic ways. Your friends may still be in party-mode, but driving erratically to get a few laughs can get you pulled over on suspicion of a DWI and can ultimately get you arrested.

Source: Findlaw Blotter, “Top 7 Tips to Avoid a Spring Break DUI,” Jenny Tsay, March 13, 2014

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